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Sightseeing in Scotland

Perfect for any occasion, Scotland is a small friendly country with a mix of the traditional and modern. From ancient castles to a dram of whisky next to a wood burning stove; through unspoiled valleys and round pristine lochs; serving up the freshest local seafood to the finest cuisine; Scotland offers many sightseeing opportunities & other wonderful things as well as the game of golf.

Activities to enjoy off the course

If you are interested in venturing further and exploring around Scotland during your trip we are more than happy to cater for this. Also, if there are any non-golfers travelling in your group we can arrange sightseeing excursions each day for them whilst the golfers are out on the course. Check out our suggestions below and click on the link below to discuss your sightseeing options with us today.

Scotland Distilleries and Whisky Tours

Along with being the Home of Golf, Scotland is also the home of Whisky. Scotland has over 125 distilleries scattered across the mainland and islands, some of them are silent or dismantled but most of them are in full operation.

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Scottish Breweries and Craft Beer

With around 5,000 years’ history of beer in Scotland, the Scottish craft beer industry has never been bigger with more than 100 breweries now in Scotland, the first time in over a century! With so much variety and different types to suit all tastes there really isn’t a better time to sample some of the great Scottish beers on offer.

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Scottish Castles and Historical Sites

Scotland has over 3000 Castles, Palaces and historical sites recorded throughout history and with the country being around 80’000 square km in size you’ll never be too far away from an impressive site in history or a restored fortification.

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Walking in Scotland

With an abundance of spectacular scenery, walking in Scotland is one of the top activities in the country. As well as the locals, people from all over the world visit each year to experience the challenge and beauty of Scotland. Don’t just take our word for it – go on and experience Scotland’s great outdoors!

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Activities & Adventure Scotland

Scotland provides the ultimate natural playground! Whether you are looking to enjoy a scenic bike ride, a day’s fishing trip or something more action packed to get the heart racing Scotland has endless opportunities for activities, adventure and outdoor pursuits.

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